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XXL Nutrition

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XXL Nutrition is the fastest growing web store of nutritional supplements in Europe and the first provider in the Netherlands from many supplementary suppliers around the world.

Recently, XXL Nutrition has made an entrance into the Twinkle Top 100 webshops in the Netherlands. I feel honored and proud to have contributed to this achievement.

XXL Nutrition's old website wasn't optimised for a mobile experience. Due to the increasing traffic from mobile devices such as tablet and mobile phones the demand for a responsive website was on the top of their list.

XXL Nutrition requested a user friendly website which adjust its size automatically to the size of the screen you are using. A responsive solution was made.

XXL Nutrition presents itself in a dominant and strong way but remains topnotch. Therefore the new re-design needed a strong style and still keep a professional, modern and authentic look.

They wanted to keep their main brand colours, red and black without becoming to dominant. An underground look isn't what they where after since they also wanted to engage the more casual athletes as well as the die-hard athletes.

Guus van Nunen

Marketing Manager XXL Nutrition

Hein provides maximal results with minimal guidance. The man is always available, is flexible and able to build a satisfying relationship with his customers. The collaboration is outstanding and I definitely recommend Hein.

Tools used

Sketch, Photoshop CC, Invision App, Coffee Machine, Email, Skype, Mobile, Pen, Paper

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